One of the reasons for the success of the writer Elisabet Benavent, and in particular Valeria, the Spanish series inspired by her novels, is that she speaks of sexual desire and pleasure – which she openly describes – from the female point of view. This perspective, in addition to his agile and funny dialogues, makes his readers quickly connect with his characters and their problems in the sexual and affective field. However, for most women, sex is not a common topic of conversation between friends, as in Valeria’s series, or if it is, only with the most intimate and with certain reservations, despite the fact that a social level and in everyday life many jokes and allusions, direct and indirect, are made continuously.

For this reason, and also for cultural and educational reasons, in matters of sexuality, information is often lacking, and knowing what gives us or does not give us pleasure is something that is learned and discovered over the years, the different sexual partners and the experiences.

So if they ask you what are your most erogenous zones, you can probably list four or five, such as the lips, the clitoris, the inner thighs or the nape of the neck, but there are many more. “In fact, the main erogenous organ is the skin, ” explains Dr. Stefanie Redon, head of the Sexuality Unit at Dexeus Woman. In addition, all our senses are open to experiencing pleasure, therefore the stimuli that we receive through them – images, smells, tastes, sounds, touch – can awaken sexual desire.if we use them for that purpose. But for that to happen you have to be willing to enjoy yourself, know what your preferences are in that regard and share them with your partner.

It is true that there are more skilled and experienced lovers than others, but in the end, the relationship between two people is always unique and different from the others, so it is about being sincere, and that there is trust and complicity to Give yourself space and discover how to improve and increase mutual pleasure. It is also important to know yourself. Therefore, it is worth spending a little time to discover what the erogenous zones are and how we can increase sexual pleasure, both in our own body and in that of our partner.

In general, they are usually associated with areas that have a higher density of nerve endings and, therefore, greater sensitivity. They are classified as primary (genitalia) and secondary (others located in any other part of our body). It has always been said that women have more potentially erogenous zones than men, and that for them they are basically reduced to one or two: the penis and the testicles. But it is not so, or not quite so. The lips are a particularly erogenous zone, for both men and women, and there are other parts of your body that we can stimulate to awaken your desire, such as the perianal area and the neck..

The perineum is an important area because it is the pudendal nerve, which also innervates the penis, scrotum and anus, and transmits the sensations of pleasure that generate orgasm. The foreskin is the thin skin that lines the glans. It is not taken into account when having sex, but gently stimulating it can produce pleasure. Fun fact: stroking and kissing male nipples can be especially exciting for some men.

In women, the clitoris is the main erogenous zone of the body. From a physiological point of view its only function is to provide sexual pleasure. Like the male penis, it is erectile and has more nerve endings than any other area of ​​the female body. Its direct stimulation produces a great excitement that can trigger orgasm. It is followed by the vulva, the lips of the mouth, the neck, the breasts, the inner thighs, the nape of the neck, and the earlobe. The order from more to less or from less to more depends on each person and their preferences.

In women, the belly and side can also cause arousal if gently stroked or stimulated. Contrary to what is believed, the buttocks or the hips are not one of the most erogenous parts of the body for a woman, but the body curves that they generate in the female figure are a clear sexual stimulus for some men.

In general, the extremities, such as the arms or legs, and the feet and ankles are not considered erogenous zones, but in some cultures – such as the Eastern one – the ankle and the female foot are especially sensual parts of the body. Performing a gentle massage on the soles of the feet, up through the ankles and legs to reach the inner thighs and cover that part of the body with a finger can be stimulating.

Another erogenous zone for both men and women is the lower back, where many nerve endings are concentrated. Starting by kissing the nape of the neck and working your way down to the lower back can cause sexual arousal and increase blood flow to the pelvis. In any case, it is a sensitive area, so any type of pressure that may cause discomfort in that area must be avoided.

The sensations continued to heat and cold in some erogenous zones can also generate excitement. Also, stroking the scalp is very pleasant and relaxing, as it helps to release tension. Therefore, it is advisable to do it both at the beginning and at the end of a sexual relationship.

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