Benefits of Masturbation!

Masturbation Benefits: Know the Health Advantages

Masturbation has numerous health benefits. However, as it is still a delicate subject and full of social taboos, the discussion is very restricted to some groups, especially when we think about this universe related to female masturbation.

Far from any prejudice, masturbation involves benefits that go far beyond pleasure, but it also guarantees improvement in physical, psychological and emotional areas. That’s where I, Renan, one of the authors here, want to invite you to understand the good old hand job!

Come on?

After all, is masturbating good or is it just a myth? Yes, the benefits of masturbation aren’t myths. Specialists check countless positive factors during and after sexual stimulation, especially with regard to self-knowledge.

The act must be seen naturally, as a process originating from human biology and essence. By the way, nobody knows you as well as you do, do you agree? And there is nothing wrong with trying to establish a relationship of discovery in the areas of pleasure!

In fact, it is through the touch and care with ourselves that we are able to bring all the learning to the partnership. In relationships, for example, masturbation can spice up the relationship and even create more lasting emotional bonds between you and your partner.

Here are some of the benefits:

Masturbation strengthens the immune system

According to a study by Sexual and Relationship Therapy , an academic journal, immunity is one of the sectors most benefited by masturbation. That’s because the immune system is “gifted” by releasing endogenous cortisol and endorphins after ejaculation, which helps fight certain diseases.

And that’s not all! This sexual stimulation can improve bacterial infections in the ejaculatory ducts , since the semen is transported out in order to “clean” the channels aimed at the male orgasm.

 Improves sleep quality

That’s right, the quality of sleep of those who make masturbation a routine practice is, for the most part, superior to those who don’t take risks on solo flights. This is because there are several hormones released during and after practice, classified as chemical relaxants.

And here between us: you may have already experienced the feeling of drowsiness after one – or several – orgasms , right?

And you may even be asking yourself right now “but what does immunity have to do with sleep, Renan?” Everything! A good night’s sleep helps boost our immune system, which will become much stronger after hours of good sleep.

Promotes a feeling of well-being

Did you know that that typical feeling of well-being after orgasm lasts for a while? The “guilt” is all of the happiness hormones – endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin – which work by regulating our mood and happiness level.

The first has the ability to be a natural painkiller for the body, inhibiting possible muscle pain. The second is responsible for the increase in pleasure and motivation . Oh, and the weaving is about bodily relaxation. The perfect combo, isn’t it?

Improves mood

Masturbation allows for increased blood flow to several brain areas , allowing the brain to become super oxygenated after orgasm. This fact promotes healthy sensations, mainly linked to improved mood. Not to mention that being at ease with one’s own body, based on self-perception and knowledge, raises self-esteem.

Helps with cognitive function

Masturbation is still seen by many as a typical activity for young people and teenagers. Part of this stigma is attached to society seeing it as something immature and irresponsible. However, a 2016 survey found that sexually active elderly people, both in joint sex and in private practices, have good cognitive functions and concentration.

This is because, according to studies from the University of Oxford, sex and masturbation are associated with a significant improvement in intellectual performance from the renewal of brain cells, as a result of the reduction in bodily inflammation. All this shows us that pleasure is ageless !

Shoo, prejudice!

Improvement in the perception of pleasure

Solo sexual pleasure promotes a better perception of stimuli that do or do not excite your desire in bed. It’s much easier to analyze what you like to do in the H-hour through self-knowledge experiences. You will be focusing on yourself and then discovering yourself in someone else’s company.

Before knowing how to provide pleasure for the other, it is necessary to have a perception of what sharpens our own sensations. It’s a great way to set boundaries and even maintain a dialogue in your relationship about issues that boost libido during sex.

Helps control ejaculation

The premature ejaculation can impair sexual quality of man , as the sex usually lasts a short time. But did you know that masturbation is one of the solutions so that the climax doesn’t occur sooner than expected? Yes, it helps in the concentration of the moment, causing stress and anxiety – the main causes of this disorder – to be put aside to give way to prolonged pleasure.

So if you’re having a hard time dealing with this, try taking some time each week to become the focus of your own mind. Masturbate for a while, then stop and get back into the rhythm again. Your thoughts will take control of the situation and help prolong the moments of pleasure. Thus, it is possible to have control over the sensations in bed as well.

When does masturbation become harmful?

As with everything in life, it is necessary to have balance when performing masturbation – especially at the beginning of puberty when hormones are fully exposed to the skin. That’s because it can end up becoming an addiction, which affects social, psychological and emotional issues.

When done compulsively, it becomes harmful in everyday life. That is, instead of helping with concentration, for example, it can end up getting in the way – as it takes the place of other important things at work and studies. In addition, there are individuals who are unable to maintain a healthy relationship with their partner, both emotionally and sexually.

The desire to masturbate ends up suppressing the presence of the partnership, becoming a problem that can undermine the relationship. It’s always good to keep to moderation, right? We need to be in control of our actions, so that the benefits are noticeable to our mind and body – without it hindering us in our relationships!

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